Issues Virginians Believe In

WARNING: This is NOT the typical campaign, and E.W. Jackson is NOT the typical candidate. This campaign is built on the simple truth: that we must shake up the status quo in Washington, DC.

E.W. Jackson is the real deal. If you are tired of politics as usual and you are ready to return America to greatness, take a stand with E.W. As our Senator, he will inspire us and help us to Believe Again that we can:

EW Jackson will drain the swamp

Drain the Swamp
Tired of big money corporations, political insiders, lobbyists, and special interests having all the influence? Sick of leadership that actively works against your interests? E.W. Jackson is one of us. He will fight for us and oppose the corrupt DC Establishment. He will work with President Trump to Drain the Swamp and end the Rule of the Few. Ready to Believe Again that we can have a government of, by, and for “We the People”? Then, E.W. Jackson is your candidate.

Enjoy a Great Healthcare System
Families across our Commonwealth are paying too much for healthcare, and the product they are receiving is a nightmare. It’s time to repeal every single word of Obamacare– a promise career politicians have been failing to deliver on for years. This will take political fortitude, a commitment to the free market, and, yes, compassion. It’s time we get this done!

Conservative Republican EW Bishop Jackson Virginia

Put More Money in Your Pocket
Let’s be real: government is robbing you and your family. You work hard, earn a living for your family, and the government takes way too much- simply because politicians cannot control their spending problem. E.W. Jackson believes that the backbone of America is strong families, the great hope of our nation is the ability to rise, and that the promise of limited government leads to true renewal. As such, he will work to lower your taxes, put more money in your pocket, and empower you and your family to achieve your dreams.

Believe again - Virginia Republican Primary for US Senate

Have Confidence in Our Future and Solve the Debt Crisis
Ask any young person if they believe Social Security taxes the government takes from their paycheck will be there for them, and they will look at you like you are crazy. The debt crisis is a great threat to the prosperity of our children, and, ultimately, it will cost us our ability to defend ourselves. It’s time to Believe Again that our children will not be saddled with this generation’s spending problems. It will take great political courage, but E.W. Jackson will fight for the future of our nation.

EW Jackson will help President Trump build the wall - Virginia

Build the Wall, Stop Illegals Flooding into Our Country!
Diversity is great. Immigration is great. Illegal immigrants flooding into our country committing crimes, taking our jobs, and benefiting from our tax dollars is not. It’s time we build the wall we promised, remove the carrots that draws illegals into our country, and empower law enforcement to deal with the problem. Illegal immigration must never be rewarded with American citizenship.

Republican EW Bishop Jackson for US Senate

Promote Parent-Driven, Child-Centered Education
Are you ready to Believe Again that YOU as a parent can take back control of your child’s education? Washington, DC controls far too much of what goes on in our schools and even tries to dictate what happens in the bathrooms. We’ve had enough! Let’s end indoctrination in schools, return to parents the power to make choices for their children’s education, and make education about learning, not indoctrination.

Carry and Keep our Guns
E.W. Jackson believes that a government that comes after our guns is coming for much more: our liberty. The Founders enshrined the Second Amendment in our Constitution as a Right that shall not be infringed. He will oppose the Agenda of the Left that seeks to take away or tell us to put away our guns.

Restore the Court
Can you imagine the Supreme Court nominees that Hillary Clinton would have put forward? Thank God for President Trump’s commitment to nominating conservatives to the courts! Liberals have, for years, remade our nation through unelected judges, but now we must push back. E.W. Jackson will only support nominees for the courts that will uphold the Constitution, share the Founders’ vision, and protect our rights.

EW Jackson supports President Trump

Stand with President Trump
E.W. Jackson supports President Trump’s America First Agenda, and he will partner with him to bring renewal to our Commonwealth. He will never side with the weak, establishment Republicans who attack the President and refuse to support his agenda.

Pro-life US Senate candidate EW Jackson

Save Babies
Are you tired of seeing politicians check a box saying they are pro-life and then going up to Washington and doing nothing to save the unborn? If you are committed to the Right to Life, then it’s time to Believe Again that we can save babies. E.W. Jackson believes that ALL human life is precious, and he will work tirelessly to end this great evil.

Bishop Jackson for US Senate VA Republican

Protect Free Speech, Your Right to Conscience
When did America get so thin-skinned? E.W. Jackson embraces the idea that Americans have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. That’s what our country was founded to be! It’s time that we Believe Again that we can be true ourselves, hold fast to traditional American values, and respect each other’s right to hold diverse views without feeling offended. All Americans own the First Amendment Right to Free Speech, Freedom of Religion and the Right of Conscience. It’s time we return to a nation where government no longer compels the pastor, business owner, student, teacher, etc. to violate their conscience.

Virginia Republican Primary for US Senate

Inspire Fear in Our Enemies
We MUST continue to have the world’s greatest fighting force, one that strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies. E.W. Jackson is committed to ensuring a strong national defense, a clear foreign policy, and a fully funded military. They fight for us. We must also fight for our military to make sure they have everything they need to achieve victory, and know that the American people respect, love, and embrace them for their service. They are willing to give their lives. We must be willing to do everything in our power to help them come home to their loved ones.

Make Better Deals
The political elites and big money corporations have put our nation in a bad spot with numerous bad trade deals. President Trump understands the importance of making better deals, and E.W. Jackson is likewise committed to making certain our nation never barters away jobs, wealth, or status in another bad deal.

Protect our military - US Senate race Virginia GOP

Fight for Our Veterans
Nothing is more sickening than the way many of our veterans have been treated. As the Vietnam War was winding down, E.W. saw firsthand the sacrifice of those who returned permanently damaged physically or psychologically only to be dishonored by many of their fellow citizens. Jackson honors all those who serve, fight, bleed and die for our country but has a special place in his heart for Vietnam Veterans because they were treated so abominably during and after the war. The sacrifice of our men and women in uniform is one of the factors that compels E.W. to serve. As our Senator, E.W. will be a relentless advocate for our veterans to make sure they receive the care they need, the respect they deserve, and the support they have earned.

Support our law enforcement

Stand with Law Enforcement
Police officers around the country are rejoicing to finally have a president who respects and supports them. E.W. Jackson will join President Trump in supporting our law enforcement, advocating for them, and enforcing the rule of law.nt Trump’s commitment to nominating conservatives to the courts! Liberals have, for years, remade our nation through unelected judges, but now we must push back. E.W. Jackson will only support nominees for the courts that will uphold the Constitution, share the Founders’ vision, and protect our rights.

Make Urban Communities Prosperous & Safe
For 60 years Democrat elites have implemented policies they claimed would end poverty in America’s urban communities. Instead they have destroyed families, decimated education and created nightmare public housing and dangerous neighborhoods where gangs and drug dealers terrorize law abiding citizens. Jackson has a private sector solution that will end the cycle of poverty, something Democrats have no desire to do.