Putting People over Politics – Help us make America Believe Again!

“Politicians have ignored we the people, broken their promises, raised our taxes, buried us in debt and put us last on their list of priorities. Tim Kaine is one of the worst of those politicians. Join the movement to make E.W. Jackson – a non-politician – the next U.S. Senator for Virginia.”

Vote "E.W. Jackson" on June 12th to Make America BELIEVE Again








Are you ready to Believe Again?

Join our movement of grassroots Virginians ready to take back Virginia for “we the people.” As our Senator he will inspire us to Believe Again that we can:

 Secure our Borders & Build the Wall

 Protect Religious Liberty

 Follow the Constitution

 Cut Taxes and Spending

 Strengthen Our Military

 Take Care of Our Veterans

 Strengthen the 2nd Amendment & Expand Our Gun Rights

 Give Parents Choice in Education

 Make Urban Communities Prosperous & Safe

 Create Free Market Healthcare

Race In America 50 Years After King Assassination- Progress or Disappointment?

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Vanity Jackson Media@ewjackson.com Tel. 757-744-0222 April 4, 2018 E.W. Jackson, Virginia US Senate Candidate, Calls For A Month of Brotherhood in April to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Rev. Martin Luther...